The Artist Development part of the First Front includes fundamental issues that are the basis of your music career. These are the same issues a professional record label would consider when they’re deciding to sign an artist or band. It’s your job, more and more these days, to develop your own career creatively and in a professional manner. 

The Product Development part of the First Front includes those areas that are directly involved with recording and selling your music, such as:

  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Home and/orProfessional recording studios; producers, engineers
  • Graphic design and printing for CDs
  • Traditional distribution and sales: research and contacts
  • Retail options: chain stores, mass merchandisers, mom-and-pop stores, misc. other retailers
  • Distributor options: one-stops, independent distributors, rackjobbers
  • Internet sales and distribution, mail order
  • Website design and creation
  • Live show sales

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