Houston Spotlight: Dirty & Nasty – Black Gold [EP]

Houston Spotlight: Dirty & Nasty – Black Gold [EP]

Black Gold

Dirty & Nasty never cease to amaze me.  The energy from their performances immerse through their EP titled Black Gold.  My favorites are “WHOO!!!,” “All Black Everything,” “Just Me,” and “Voodoo (Benediction) featuring RIM, DoubleBe, Prophetik and Crazy8.

“All black clothes match my all black mentality.  All black shades like my afrocentric-ality.”

Dirty & Nasty are rallying for a New Age Revolution.  Black is beautiful. Embrace it.  They’ve even inspired me to go natural!  That’s one thing I love about this group.  They make proactive, feel good music without going all Will Smith on us.  Hey we’re all grown; we can handle a little cursing here and there.

One song I could NOT get jiggy with was “Sex In The Beat.”  It was kind of like hearing your older brothers talking with their friends about sex.  Barf!  No offense guys but I personally don’t want to hear y’all rapping about sex…EVER!  A love song may be more tolerable than a song about sex.

The last song on Black Gold, “Voodoo,” stuck out to me the most because of the features from rappers I’d never heard of.  I love discovering new talent on tracks with some of my favorites.  This song was more mellow and laid back than the rest of the tracks.  The smoothness of the beat allowed you to really pay attention to the story each rapper was telling.  I never would’ve imagined putting Doublebe on a track with Dirty & Nasty, but that’s what I love about Houston rappers.  They reach out and build to try to help everyone come up.  In that process good music is made, and I get to sit back, relax and write about it.

Download: Black Gold
Twitter: @dirtyknowsnasty

Trae Tha Truth talks new Habitat for Humanity partnership and his Grand Hustle deal (Audio)

Trae Tha Truth talks new Habitat for Humanity partnership and his Grand Hustle deal (Audio)

I had a chance to catch up with Trae Tha Truth the day before his Habitat For Humanity announcement to discuss the transformation of Trae Tha Truth since hearing himself on a Screw Tape. The “Swang” rapper talked how his life has changed since releasing Losing Composure, Hustle Gang debut album–that I may have assisted in naming– and even offers some perspective on those influenced by the Houston sound.

Read entire interview here

Dante Higgins – Rhymes For Months Trillogy [Mixtape]

Dante Higgins – Rhymes For Months Trillogy [Mixtape]

One Sunday afternoon I found myself with some free time & decided to sit my ass on the couch & watch Notorious. Then I remembered I downloaded Rhymes For Months: Trillogy, but I never listened to it so what better time than now? I could put Biggie on hold for Dante, just this once.

My favorite tracks on this mixtape are Rhymes For Months featuring Doughbeezy & Propain, “Hennessy” featuring T-Dash, “Monkey See Monkey Do” featuring Delo, “Kings” featuring Undergravity, “Back In The Day” featuring Young Scotty & Lil Keke, “2 Words” featuring H-Town Spitters which consists of Roosh Williams, Dub, O.N.E., K-Dogg, Dante & KAB.

The features on Rhymes For Months: Trillogy are so freaking amazing especially the “2 Words” track with all that talent & different sounds. Are the H-Town Spitters Houson’s new rap super group? I can’t wait to see this song & “Rhymes For Months” performed live!

Hennessy” features a local singer T-Dash, who I swear is Anthony Hamilton in disguise. His soul stirring voice is the perfect touch as Dante narrates his day’s events with a glass of Hennessy which he decides will suffice as breakfast. Hopefully it’s Hennessy Black.

Two of my favorites, Doughbeezy & Propain, also popped up on the tape on “Rhymes For Months.” Speaking of Doughbeezy, Dante’s track “Prom Dress” is obviously dedicated to his boo much like Dough’s “U And I” featuring Chalie Boy from the Blue Magic mixtape.  Dante said, “I wish you could still fit your prom dress” at the end of the song. C’mon son! I guess the rest of the song outweighs that one line though. Both of these young men seem to have some ride or die ladies in their lives. As Bobbi would say, “Every king needs a queen.”

I assume Dante would agree especially after summoning the men of Undergravity to join him on the track “Kings” which is the instrumental to “3 Kings,” of course. Dante is Jay-Z, Mac is Dr. Dre & A-Bomb is Ross…no? Yes.

H-Town legend, the don, Lil Keke made an appearance on the tape too onBack In The Day.”

Rhymes for Months actually surprised me. I didn’t think Dante could follow up The Dante Higgins Story with an equally wholesome project. Let’s give Mr. Higgins a round of applause for not giving us a half assed mixtape full of garbage songs. Bravo!

Download: Rhymes For Months
Twitter: @dantehiggins

Royal Review | Rock Show (@Show713) – Game Of Thrones [Mixtape]

Royal Review | Rock Show (@Show713) – Game Of Thrones [Mixtape]

Rock Show’s obsession with the HBO series Game of Thrones continues as he follows up Winter is Coming with Game of Thrones. If you could like the rap game to a television series, Game Of Thrones would be dead on: no matter who’s on top there is always someone plotting to take your place.


Mid 2012 welcomed an emergence of street artists mostly thanks to Chicago’s budding rap scene and 2 Chainz’ transformation from trap rapper to superstar. But Houston’s street artists still go mostly unrecognized in the music conversations. In my opinion, it is impossible to have “best mixtape” conversations with out mentioning Rob Gullatte’s Abortion: The Project, Bleeda’s Being Real Aint Easy, or Rock Show’s Game Of Thrones.

Game of Thrones stand outs include “Hello Houston,” “Bigger,” “I Swear” and “I Got Love.” In an ode to the greatest city in the world :-), “Hello Houston” finds Show demanding respect for the city he loves dearly. “Hello Houston, sorry I left you, but i’m right back. You’re O, so special. Seems Like the game been tryna forget you, but i’m here i’m gonna make them respect you,” sings Show on the hook. It’s evident throughout Game Of Thones that Show has a love for Houston that may be unmatched.

Biggerfeaturing Bam & Rob Gullatte solidifies Show’s long time collaborator Rob Gullatte as arguably the best MC walking the streets of Houston today. “Lots of Gossip in the city when the topic’s Robert. Heard they say I’m hating. Well I think they biting. I can hear it in they music, man I know they biting.” It’s safe to say Show and Rob bring out the best in each other musically. Could be Show’s ability to produce and write a perfect hook and Rob’s no holds barred lyrical talent that just works for the two. Rob also appears on “Hard.”

I Got Love” featuring MUG, “This Goes Out” and I Swear offers a break from the hard hitting, aggressive production but doesn’t abandon the foundation of Show’s message… The hustle. “I Swear” also features C7 with Note, whom of which I can’t wait for a project from, singing on the hook.

The best song on Game Of Thrones heavily relies on your mood for the day. Could be “Get It” featuring Cal-Wayne, could be “Bigger,” could be “I Swear.” My mind changes each time I listen to Game Of Thrones. What separates a good project from a great project is the ability to hear something new each time you listen to it. Game Of Thrones easily meets that requirement. Knowing when to stop is also a vital requirement for greatness. That being said, Game Of Thrones should have stopped at 13 songs. Although 2 of the project’s best songs happen after track 13, I do think that there were a good 5 songs that wouldn’t be missed, “Untouchable” being one.


Under The Radar | Ft. Dirty & Nasty & Mr. Luke

Under The Radar | Ft. Dirty & Nasty & Mr. Luke

I had the honor to first see this duo perform at Hip Hop The Vote at Reggae Hut.  The second time was at The East End Art Gallery.  Dirty & Nasty are beyond live & very engaging.  Their connection with each other is reminiscent of a Kid & Play vibe.  The small intimate venues they perform at really emphasize their passion for what they do & for wanting to put on a good show.

Be sure to check out their latest EP Fool’s Gold which includes my favorite tracks titled “Parking Lot Pimpin” & “All Black Everything.”  Yes I love my trap rap, but it’s good to take a break & listen to something a little different every once in a while.

Download – Fool’s Gold Link | Chopped Not Slopped
Twitter: @dirtyknowsnasty
YouTube: dirtyknowsnasty

Mr. Luke is definitely a heavy hitter in the Headwreckas conglomerate.With a co-sign from Slim K it’s safe to assume that Crash Mode jams.  Mix Doughbeezy’s lyrical wit with KAB’s delivery & BAM…you get Mr. Luke!  I cannot wait to see him live!

My favorite freestyles on Crash Mode are “Swimming Pools,” “Ambitionz Of A Ridah,” “Hail Mary,” & the bonus track “Bad Decisions.“  It’s always hard to breathe life back into a song/beat that has already been wrecked, but Mr. Luke completely did those tracks justice.  His new spin on the songs was a great refresher especially for the Tupac tracks.

Download – Crash Mode
Twitter: @MrLuke713
YouTube: mrlukehtown

Team Gini Presents: Cans A Make Em Dance [Video]

Team Gini Presents: Cans A Make Em Dance [Video]

“Cans A Make ‘Em Dance” was shot as a parody video to promote the Giving for Thanksgiving food drive in Alief, Texas on Nov. 20th 2012 brought to you by NFL stars and Alief natives Michael and Martellus Bennett, Fendi Onobun, TeamGINI and 365 Live Entertainment.
See Pree Release below:

“Giving For Thanksgiving”

Who: Mike & Martellus Bennett, Fendi Onobun, TeamGINI Non-Profit Organization, & 360 Live

When: Nov. 20th 2012. 11am – 3pm

Where: Alief Taylor High School
7555 Howell-Sugarland Road
Houston, Texas

What: All products of the Alief community, eight young men and their respective organizations will be returning to the very community in which they grew up to provide assistance to those who need it most. Four of the eight young men have been in the NFL, 2 of which are currently on active rosters. Mike Bennett, graduate of Alief Taylor High School – class of 2004, is the starting Defensive End for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Younger brother, Martellus Bennett, graduate of Alief Taylor High School – class of 2005, is the Tight End for the New York Giants. Fendi Onobun and Mike Tauiliili (formerly known as Mike Brown), also graduates of Alief Taylor, both saw time in the NFL as well. The other young men involved in this “Giving for Thanksgiving” initiative are graduates of Alief’s other two high schools Elsik and Hastings.

The “Giving for Thanksgiving” drive starts with an in-school contest where students and their homeroom classes will have 2-weeks to bring in non-perishable food items. The schools selected for this contest include Alief Taylor High School, Albright Middle School, and Holub Middle School. At the end of the 2- weeks the food will be counted and the homeroom class with the most donations will be the winner. There will be one winning homeroom class from each grade level and those students will have an in-school celebration with NFL players Mike and Martellus Bennett in February. All of the food collected will be separated into individual thanksgiving dinners along with thanksgiving turkeys that will be purchased by the Bennett brothers. The thanksgiving dinner packages will be distributed to 100 families in the Alief community that are most in need. The distribution of the dinners will happen on Nov. 20th starting at 11am.

On Nov. 20th in Alief Taylor’s parking lot, where the “Giving for Thanksgiving” drive will take place, will not only be the location of the dinner distribution for the 100 families but also the location for all members of the Alief community to bring out non-perishable donations. All food collected on that day will be given to the Alief food bank. It will be an action packed afternoon full of philanthropy and fun. Entertainment will include comedic acts and music played by some of Houston’s hottest DJs. Student volunteers from the participating schools will be actively involved along side numerous Alief Alumni, all in an effort to better their very own community.