Low Post Music – Eggnog Slappers

Low Post Music – Eggnog Slappers


Low Post Music thinks it is time for you to get some free Christmas music that you can snap your neck to! We get Rob Viktum aka Vik Uno, M Slago, Phraim, 5-D, & Jett I. Masstyr all flipping Christmas joints for you to make a banging instrumental EP called Eggnog Slappers.

Houston Spotlight | Express – Higher Learning [Mixtape Stream + Download]

Houston Spotlight | Express – Higher Learning [Mixtape Stream + Download]


I’m not sure why it never occurred to me that Express’ new mixtape, Higher Learning, was actually inspired by the movie.  I guess because I never thought How To Be A Player was either.  I listened to the lyrics of each song not knowing there was a deeper story behind them.  So to become more enlightened I watched Higher Learning for the first time.  Malik and Remy were no longer names that I thought Express pulled out of the sky simply for the purpose of storytelling.  They were actual people who helped create the theme of this mixtape.  Express better throw John Singleton’s name in the Thank You’s or something of this tape.  Higher Learning the mixtape lived up to the name of the movie.

My favorite songs are: “The World Is Mine,” “Higher Learning” featuring Izzar Thomas & Demetrick Miller (these two guys jam and it’d be wise to look up some of their music), “Fudge,” “Revolution” featuring Rob Gullatte & “Ruckus” featuring Bianca Rodriguez & Teih Leban.

The World is Mine introduces us to Malik, one of the main characters of the movie.  Initially before watching the movie I thought this song was about Express himself.  Obviously I was wrong.  The song is symbolic of every freshman male athlete’s ego.  And everybody already knows he’s an athlete.  How else would a black man get into a four-year university?  Whose world is this?

Higher Learning” is my second favorite song on the mixtape.  This track reminds me of a cross between the whole TDE clique & Wolf Gang.  Why, you ask?  Well when I hear this song I see Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator and Ab-Soul sitting on a couch in Fudge’s house (if you’re not familiar with Fudge you will be soon) eating Fruit Loops after smoking while watching Malcolm X.  Not following what I’m saying?  Just listen to the song, trust me.  Also do yourself a favor and re-watch the movie too or watch it for the first time if you’ve never seen it before.

The track entitled “Fudge” is dedicated to Ice Cube’s character in Higher Learning.  He’s the Black Panther version of Van Wilder.  The song much like the character reflects on the Black community and our “transgressions” over the centuries.  Fudge presses his fellow Black classmates to think outside the box and not conform to what the university or society wants you to be.  Express ends the song asking, “do you really know who you are?”  Do you really know who you are or do you think you are who THEY say you are?

Mr. Rob Gullatte himself makes a guest appearance on my favorite song Revolution.  Need I say more?  The revolution will not be televised, but it’ll be blasted through your speakers.  If this song and “Higher Learning” were the only two songs on this mixtape I’d still listen to it on repeat.  It’s a hit.  I’ve been listening to Rob for a while, and I’m starting to warm up to Express.

By the way Express has a twin brother with dreads whom I always thought was him.  Oops!

“Oh you ain’t know?”

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