Under The Radar | Featuring @ThatNegroJK & @HodgyBeats

Under The Radar | Featuring @ThatNegroJK & @HodgyBeats

Queen Bobbi and I decided to start a segment called Undar The Radar. Basically, if we like your work but don’t hear your name mentioned often in the music world, we will introduce you to our readers. Who knows maybe you’ll gain a fan, or 2, or 3 :-).

First up is Assiduous by JK and Untitled by Hodgy Beats.

JK – Assiduous

JK released Assiduous on March 2nd. It’s the first mixtape released from this Abilene, TX native. The Texas Tech student was tired of looking at tumbleweeds outside his window one day & decided to hop on the mic. He decided that he wouldn’t rap about money, cars & clothes that he didn’t have. Instead he’d spit about girls, weed & maintaining. He says it was exhilarating to put out a 16 track mixtape to display the hard work of himself & the producers.

Standout tracks on Assiduous are “Money All I Know.” “Just Ride,” “The Way,” “Go Boy” & “Apollo.” I think JK felt the most comfortable with his delivery on these tracks. If he continues to pair his flow with complimentary beats then his storytelling will be easier to follow & he’ll produce some dope bangers.

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Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

Hodgy Beats is a member of the infamous Odd Future/Wolf Gang/OFWGKTA. The Untitled EP was released on February 24th. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this EP, but I did & I liked it. I was first put on to Odd Future by an old flame who was from Cali. He played some Earl Sweatshirt for me. I quicly told him to turn that shit off.

Standout tracks on the Untitled EP are “Lately,” “Samurai,” “If Heaven Is A Ghetto” & “Higashi Loves You” (which was included in my download but now it looks like the track was removed for some reason). “Higashi Loves You” samples Patti LaBelle’s “Somebody Loves You Baby.” It looks like the 21-year-old knows his music.

Hodgy is a breath of fresh air coming from the Odd Future clan.

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